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    Contractor's All Risk Insurance
    “Construct a Shield of Confidence for your Projects”

    What is Covered

    Construction Materials

    Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide coverage for construction materials used in your project, including raw materials, equipment, and supplies.

    Property Damage

    Receive coverage for accidental damage to the construction site, temporary structures, and existing structures during the course of construction.

    Third-Party Liability

    Protect against legal liabilities arising from property damage or bodily injuries caused to third parties during the construction process.

    Construction Plant and Machinery

    Cover the costs of repair or replacement of construction machinery and equipment in the event of accidental damage.

    Personal Accident

    Ensure the well-being of your construction workers with coverage for accidental injuries or loss of life during the construction activities.

    Delay in Project Completion

    Receive compensation for financial losses incurred due to delays in project completion caused by unforeseen events such as fire, natural disasters, or accidents.

    What is Not Covered

    Pre-existing Damage

    Pre-existing damages or defects in the construction site or structures are generally not covered under this policy.

    Intentional Damage

    Damages caused intentionally or wilfully by the insured or their employees are typically excluded from coverage.

    War and Nuclear Risks

    Damages resulting from war, nuclear events, or related activities are generally excluded from coverage.

    Normal Wear and Tear

    Routine wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the insured property is not covered.

    Contractual Liabilities

    Any liabilities or penalties arising from breach of contract terms and conditions are typically not covered.

    Construct a shield of confidence for your projects with Trovity’s Contractors All Risk (CAR) Insurance. Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide comprehensive coverage, empowering you to build with confidence. Contact us today to explore the tailored coverage options that safeguard your construction endeavors.


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