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    Group Medi-Claim (GMC) Insurance
    “Unlock Comprehensive Health Coverage for Your Corporation”

    What is Covered

    Hospitalization Expenses

    Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies cover medical expenses incurred during hospitalization, including room charges, doctor's fees, nursing expenses, and more.

    Pre and Post Hospitalization

    Enjoy coverage for medical expenses incurred before and after hospitalization, ensuring comprehensive support during the entire treatment process.

    Daycare Procedures

    Receive coverage for specified daycare procedures that do not require overnight hospitalization.

    Organ Transplant

    Our policies extend coverage for organ transplant surgeries, including the costs associated with the donor's medical treatment.

    Maternity Benefits

    Support your employees during their joyful journey of parenthood with coverage for prenatal care, delivery, and postnatal expenses.

    Alternative Treatments

    Embrace holistic health approaches with coverage for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, or Naturopathy, ensuring a diverse range of healthcare options.

    What is Not Covered

    Pre-existing Conditions

    Please note that pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered under this policy. However, our dedicated team can assist you in finding suitable coverage options for such cases.

    Cosmetic Procedures

    Cosmetic surgeries or treatments performed solely for aesthetic purposes are typically not covered under this policy.

    Self-inflicted Injuries

    Any injuries intentionally caused by the insured person will not be covered.

    Experimental or Unproven Treatments

    Treatments that are still in experimental stages or not recognized by medical authorities may not be covered.

    Injuries Resulting from Illegal Activities

    Any injuries sustained while engaging in illegal activities or acts of criminal intent will not be covered.

    Empower your workforce with unparalleled health coverage. Trovity, your trusted insurance broker, unlocks comprehensive Group Medi-Claim (GMC) Insurance policies tailored to your corporation’s needs. Contact us today to explore the coverage options that ignite your employees’ well-being.


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