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    Marine Insurance
    “Navigate Your Ship with Unwavering Protection, Powered by Trovity”

    What is Covered

    Hull and Machinery

    Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide coverage for physical damage to the vessel's hull, machinery, and equipment caused by perils such as accidents, storms, or collisions.

    Cargo Protection

    Safeguard your valuable cargo against loss or damage during transit, whether it's transported by sea, air, or land.

    General Average

    Cover the expenses incurred in a general average situation, where sacrifices are made to save the entire vessel and cargo during an emergency.

    Liability Coverage

    Protect against legal liabilities arising from third-party property damage or bodily injuries caused by your vessel.

    Freight Forwarders' Liability

    Receive coverage for liabilities arising from the acts or omissions of freight forwarders or other intermediaries involved in the transportation process.

    War and Strikes Risks

    Shield your vessel and cargo against damages resulting from acts of war, piracy, terrorism, or labour strikes.

    What is Not Covered

    Ordinary Leakage

    Damages or losses resulting from ordinary leakage, wear and tear, or inherent vice of the insured goods are typically excluded from coverage.

    Delay or Loss of Market

    Financial losses due to delay or loss of market value of the insured goods are generally not covered.

    Insufficient Packing

    Damages caused by inadequate or improper packing of the insured goods are typically excluded from coverage.

    Nuclear or Radioactive Risks

    Damages resulting from nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination are generally excluded from coverage.


    Losses or damages caused by the unseaworthiness of the vessel, or the improper maintenance of the insured goods are typically not covered.

    Navigate your ship with unwavering protection through Trovity’s Marine Insurance. Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide comprehensive coverage for your vessel, cargo, and liabilities. Sail with peace of mind, knowing that you’re anchored by a robust and tailored insurance solution. Contact us today to explore the coverage options that safeguard your maritime ventures.


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