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    Fire Insurance
    “Safeguard Your Business Against the Flames, Powered by Trovity”

    What is Covered

    Building Coverage

    Our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies provide coverage for the physical structure of your business premises, including the building, walls, roof, and fixtures.

    Contents Protection

    Safeguard your valuable business assets, equipment, inventory, and furniture from fire damage or loss.

    Business Interruption

    Receive coverage for the loss of income and additional expenses incurred during the period of interruption due to fire, enabling a swift recovery

    Fire Legal Liability

    Our policies protect your business from legal liabilities arising from fire damage to third-party properties or bodily injuries.

    Removal of Debris

    Cover the costs associated with debris removal and clean-up after a fire incident, ensuring a smooth restoration process.

    Equipment Breakdown

    Mitigate financial setbacks caused by equipment breakdown resulting from fire, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

    What is Not Covered

    Arson or Wilful Acts

    Any damages caused by deliberate acts or arson are typically not covered under this policy.

    Concurrent Causes

    Damages resulting from multiple causes, where fire is not the predominant factor, may not be covered.


    Negligence in adhering to fire safety protocols or failure to take reasonable precautions may result in non-coverage.

    War and Terrorism

    Damages caused by acts of war, terrorism, or related activities are generally excluded from coverage.

    Wear and Tear

    Normal wear and tear of the insured property is not covered under this policy.

    Safeguard your business against the flames with Trovity’s Fire Insurance. We harness the power of our handpicked policies from the best insurance companies to provide you with comprehensive protection. Contact us today to ignite confidence in your business protection and explore the coverage options tailored to your needs.


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