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    Health Insurance

    Embark on a worry-free journey to better health with Trovity’s health insurance. Our handpicked policies from top-notch providers act as your ultimate shield, ensuring you’re equipped with the superpowers to conquer any health challenge that comes your way.

    What is Covered

    Doctor Defender

    Access top-quality medical care and consultations without breaking a sweat, ensuring you receive the best treatment available.

    Hospital Hero

    Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that hospitalization expenses, including room charges, surgeries, and diagnostic tests, are taken care of.

    Prescription Protector

    Bid farewell to sky-high medication costs as our coverage includes prescription drugs that keep you in top form.

    Wellness Warrior

    Embrace preventive care and wellness programs that empower you to live your best life, proactively managing your health.

    Specialist Support

    Get the expert attention you need with coverage for specialist consultations, ensuring you receive tailored care for specific conditions.

    Emergency Escape

    Rest easy, knowing that our health insurance covers emergency medical services, whether it's a sudden illness or an unforeseen injury.

    What is Not Covered

    Adventure Exclusions

    Certain high-risk activities, such as extreme sports or daredevil adventures, may not be covered. Safety first, thrill-seekers!

    Pre-existing Predicaments

    Health conditions existing before the policy inception may have limitations or waiting periods. Let's discuss your specific situation.

    Cosmetic Quests

    Cosmetic procedures, including elective surgeries or treatments, may not be covered. Embrace your natural beauty!

    Non-Payment Perils

    Ensure timely premium payments to maintain uninterrupted coverage. Avoid the pitfalls of missed payments.

    Injuries Resulting from Illegal Activities

    Any injuries sustained while engaging in illegal activities or acts of criminal intent will not be covered.

    Health Insurance: Power up your health and unleash your vitality with Trovity’s invincible health insurance. Discover a world of wellness and protection. Request a quote today and embark on your health journey with confidence.


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