What if I don’t get a claim?

Okay, people, let’s talk. Is it really necessary to force or pester you to buy insurance? Where did it go wrong? Insurance is something you should take to protect yourself from unpredictable and unfortunate situations. It helps you handle sudden financial crises. This concept originated from the fear of a group of ordinary people who were worried about returning safely from voyages. They pooled together funds from each member to compensate those who were affected. It was a simple concept that evolved with the help of math, science, and social studies to become one of the most essential aspects of today’s life. It’s a straightforward phenomenon.

But do we like simple things? Of course not. Here comes human creativity to complicate the simple. What if I don’t get a claim? Then it’s a waste of my money. I shouldn’t believe anything an insurance agent tells me. They just want to take my money.

Listen, honey, Naya Bharat (referring to India as a developing nation) is not only about using UPI apps and cardless transactions. It should also include a pre-planned approach for unforeseen financial crises. Let’s not ignore the risks our ancestors recognized, empathized with, and managed centuries ago. It’s high time to break free from pre-existing norms and focus on getting insured.

Penned by,
Kallepu Pooja

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